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When it comes to cross-device and cross-channel questions, most marketing executives think that there is an abundance of data out there waiting to be gathered for exact targeting. However, most of the data today's CMOs have available is not perfect for delivering the best user experience and content to consumers. By failing to gather relevant data and use it properly, many marketing executives are leaving money on the table. Big data executive search firms can help you find a marketing executive who understands the complexities of data management and utilization projects.

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Solving The CMO's Next Big Data Challenge

Mobile data usage has skyrocketed, rising nearly 70% in just the last year. But following users across devices and channels continues to be among the biggest challenges for today's marketing departments and agencies. The widening gap between where consumers spend their time and marketers' ability to track them will be one of the most important challenges successful CMOs conquer in the coming years. Read more

The Executive Guide to Putting a Leash on Big Marketing Data

A recent survey by Millward Brown reports that just 14% of marketers feel their team effectively uses the consumer, media, and transaction data available to them. And our own CMO survey shows that Big Data is one of CMOs' top three concerns, both in terms of the reliability of their data and the ability of their team to effectively use it. Read more

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Can you develop complex predictive models based on business data, identify trends, score customer segments, and define next best products to drive value to the business? If yes, we need you! See open data jobs.

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