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Marketing is changing at a terrific pace. B2B marketing staffing solutions from MarketPro offer an effective way to stay ahead of the competition, with flexible talent options to fit your needs and keep you ahead. Whether you need to supplement your marketing department with specialized expertise, tackle seasonal or cyclical marketing challenges, or a cost effective way to try something new, we can help.

The MarketPro recruitment team has many years of B2B marketing experience, and our founder is a former B2B marketing executive. Who better to find and attract a top candidate than someone with thorough industry experience?

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Businesses need to be flexible and respond to any need. B2B marketing staffing provides fast, cost-effective access to additional marketing expertise. But it's not for everyone and not for every situation. Download our decision flowchart to get help understanding your needs and whether b2b marketing staffing would be the right solution for you. Download now

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If you are a candidate with a background in B2B marketing, see open MarketPro opportunities nationwide.

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10Apr 2017
digital marketing headhunters

When you make a big business investment into a resource that’s available for a limited time, it’s important to start getting value from it as quickly as possible. That’s true for equipment, partnerships, tools and perhaps most importantly, talent. Interim marketing talent comes in many forms. Flexible workforce solutions for marketing abound, from digital marketing consultants to […]

25Oct 2016

Read more about how to increase your content marketing engagement with skilled, well-informed B2B marketing staffing. “Price is very rarely the reason a customer didn’t buy,” says  Ardath Albee, CEO of Marketing Interactions. “You need to know what buyers need at every step in their journey.” B2B marketers should ponder on the questions prospective customers ask when they […]

21Oct 2016

Learn about the importance of having B2B marketing staffing who can increase your sales and strategic marketing recruiters who can reach your consumers. Head of content at Strategic Internet Consulting, Lucy Jones breaks down the vital steps B2B sales teams should follow in order to shift their environments in 2017. Ensure your company is prepared for the inbound sales […]

14Oct 2016

Learn more about the 2017 content marketing projections for B2B and how your company can stay ahead of the competition with skilled B2B marketing staffing. B2B content marketers are doing exceptionally well, however they’re still facing some problems, based on brand new study. Entrepreneurs said their success is based on their achievement to 2 factors—doing much better work […]

13Jul 2016

Silos in the workplace has really caused rifts in the development of strong marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, this affects the whole company from marketing to sales and vice versa. We encourage our clients as a b2b marketing executive search firm that your leaders have to encourage cross- communication in the workplace. We also participate in b2b […]

07Jul 2016

Our B2B Marketing Executive Search Firm Takes a Look into Diversity Diversity in the workplace has been a hot topic for many years, especially after regulations were implemented for the cause. However it is still shocking, even as a woman owned B2B marketing executive search firm to see such staggering results. Many companies find it […]

25Apr 2016

The stark reality is, typically B2B marketing efforts lose almost 20 percent of the cash they spend on account of bad spending choices based on a recent study. As B2B marketing recruiters, we know that nobody wants to drop that sum of money inside their marketing efforts. The task will be to determine why this is […]

21Apr 2016

Personalized marketing at scale is set to become a game-changer for B2B. The convergence of predictive analytics, intelligence-led content creation and marketing automation is unlocking possibilities the sector could only dream of a decade ago. But for many brands, data quality will be a limiting factor. Unless action is taken, it could put a stranglehold […]

09Dec 2015

2016 is poised to be yet another chaotic year in B2B marketing; are you ready? Being able to anticipate the hottest trends can give you a huge leg up on the competition, while failing to do so can quickly leave you in the dust. As B2B Marketing Recruiters, we get an insider’s view on what’s […]

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