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Every day a critical marketing position goes unfilled in your company is another day of lost marketing ROI. While you wait, your competition is finding new ways to whittle away at your market share. When you can't afford to wait through an agonizingly slow recruitment process, choose MarketPro. We offer B2B marketing executive search services, B2B marketing staffing, B2B interim marketing executives, consultants and more.

The MarketPro recruitment team has more than 100 years of marketing experience over a vast array of marketing verticals, and our founder is a former B2B marketing executive. Who better to find and attract a top innovator in the B2B marketing space than someone with thorough industry experience themselves?

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If you are a candidate with a background in B2B marketing, see open MarketPro opportunities nationwide.

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23Feb 2016

As a B2B marketing recruitment firm, we’ve seen all too often a lack of a cohesive, strategic approach to content among B2B organizations. Content isn’t just for consumers–it’s for decision makers at businesses as well. That’s why it’s important for every innovative company to have a strong content strategy supported as needed by inbound and […]

10Feb 2016

A recent Google report found the typical B2B researcher performs 12 online searches before he or she engages with a brand. Knowing that, you should ensure all aspects of your digital marketing are working together to enhance your search marketing, from PR to SEO marketing staffing and beyond. If you’re not in a position right […]

08Feb 2016

  B2B firms are under more pressure than ever with growing competition and increasing customer expectations. If you’re struggling to organize your marketing and still committing these critical mistakes, consider a B2B marketing executive search to help guide your business to growth. Don’t let these #B2B #marketing mistakes kill your growth! Click To Tweet 1. […]

26Jan 2016

It’s estimated the international B2B eCommerce marketplace can reach 6.7 Billion USD by 2020  and B2B eCommerce staffing will completely dwarf B2C. That’s big news by itself. This potential, along with the demand driven by the range of borderless company-to-company business, will see the market-moving in exciting directions and many new. With outstanding leadership and […]

20Jan 2016

As B2B marketing recruiters, we’ve been especially interested in the role of direct response in B2B. There’s been a lot of innovation based around novel digital technologies in this space recently, and some firms are neglecting tried-and-true direct response tactics with provable results made possible by strategic direct response recruitment. Today, both rising costs and […]

12Jan 2016

In most cases, business to business marketing is all about lead generation. Without leads, you can’t generate revenue or build the business. This is obviously not a situation you want to find yourself in, so it is a good idea to come up with effective ways to generate B2B leads that convert into customers and adjust […]

09Dec 2015

2016 is poised to be yet another chaotic year in B2B marketing; are you ready? Being able to anticipate the hottest trends can give you a huge leg up on the competition, while failing to do so can quickly leave you in the dust. As B2B Marketing Recruiters, we get an insider’s view on what’s […]

03Dec 2015

Accenture’s new 2015 B2B Customer Experience report outlines the findings from the study in excess of a million B2B marketing staffing professionals in 10 countries. Big News for B2B Marketing Recruiters and Professionals The findings show just a handful (23%) of businesses are providing ‘efficient’ consumer engagement programs; most respondents (66%) imagine new businesses are doing a […]

19Nov 2015

There have been lots of magic numbers in marketing over the years – first there were the four ‘P’s… which evolved into seven, and have probably evolved again since. #B2BMarketers: Why 5.4 is the most important number to your job Click To Tweet More recently, the CEB (Corporate Executive Board) unveiled a new magic number: […]

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