Search Engine Consultants Know How to Take Your SEO and Content Marketing from Zero to Hero in the Age of AI

We’re in an age of technology. Everything’s becoming digital as we become consumed by new capabilities more than ever. While this may pose disadvantages to our society as a whole, it opens up substantial opportunities for marketers and search engine consultants.

The rise of technology like machine learning, a sub-set of artificial intelligence, has given way for marketers to approach various elements in their marketing stack in a different way from the traditional. Artificial intelligence is slowly taking over the marketing world, particularly in search and SEO.

As Google continuously revamps their machine learning algorithms, it’s important marketers invest more time and effort to improve their content. Here are some tips from experienced search engine consultants to propel your SEO and content marketing in the right direction with the rise of machine learning technology.

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Why Is Content So Important?

Google continues to invest in improving their AI and machine learning technology to better understand user language and queries. From Panda to Hummingbird, they are constantly implementing new algorithms to deliver better search results and provide a better user experience overall.

As complex as it is, Google is always improving their algorithms to understand natural human language with machine learning to better serve users. Therefore, search engine consultants need to create content that produces the most value in the eyes of the search engine.

Why is content so important? Content is the cornerstone of SEO. Good content means good SEO, enhanced user experience, and other important metrics. The importance of quality content is undeniable. It lays the framework for important parameters like SEO and is what keeps your brand’s digital presence together. Essentially, content can make or break your brand.

The chart below illustrates the relationship between the quality of content and ranking on search engines:
1r- search engine consultants content agency marketing machine learning
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Don’t Just Sit Back… Do Something!

Machine learning and artificial intelligence help enhance content marketing in many ways including determining relevant topics, recognizing your audience’s reading level, and identifying optimal times to publish. The rise of machine learning drives the need for search engine consultants to focus more on SEO efforts than ever before.

Marketers need to find ways to cut through the noise and the mass of content out there. One of the best ways to do so is to deliver valuable and high quality content with the help of machine learning.

Revamp your strategies

The mass of content that exists is overwhelming, especially for your audience. This is why it’s essential to craft a content marketing strategy with your end user and machine learning in mind.

As a marketer, you may ask yourself these questions:

Is all this information necessary? Which facts actually matter?
What’s the scale of data that is actually being studied?
Will this tool tell me exactly what I need to do without too much hassle?
How will this information contribute to the future success of my content marketing efforts?
How long do I have to wait for the results to show?

Machine learning tools can help you answer these questions and hone in on what you really need to focus on so you aren’t wasting your efforts. It’s time to realign your content and SEO strategies to ensure you’re getting real results. Any experienced SEO consultant will know how to effectively build your strategies around your target audience and their needs.

Create outstanding content

This is obvious. But with so much attention on technology and how companies are trying to keep up with the latest trends in digital, it’s important to not lose focus. Create unique and original content that delivers value to your audience. Remember content is king, and enhances almost every element, especially SEO, in your marketing stack.

Create outstanding content everywhere. This includes your social platforms, your site, and guest blog posts. Essentially, any place your brand pops up. But remember, quality trumps quantity. Don’t mistake this for creating spammy content, and stuffing it wherever you see fit.

Keep track of your performance

Use the capabilities of machine learning and the insight it provides. Machine learning uses engagement data to maximize user experience. While content also has an immense impact on user experience and engagement, it’s essential for marketers to utilize the data to measure their performance.

Keep track of your KPIs to measure and assess SEO and content. The right search engine consultants will help you determine where your efforts fail and where they succeed.

Optimize for mobile

More than half of your visitors will land on your site through their mobile devices. Google’s mobile-first index forces brands to fully optimize their content for mobile. If your content isn’t mobile-ready, your SEO and search rankings will suffer.

Don’t hinder your SEO and user experience by not equipping your content with mobile capabilities. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile, your brand is falling significantly behind.
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Build the right team

Forming the right support behind your content marketing is crucial. After all, they are the creative brainpower behind it all. The right search engine consultants will gear your SEO and content marketing toward the right direction without compromising quality.


As Google’s machine learning advances, it’ll be able to measure the quality of content on a deeper level. This emphasizes the need for brands to create valuable content to satisfy user experience if they haven’t already done so.

Don’t be intimidated by machine learning – instead, use it to boost your marketing efforts. Content is key in pushing SEO and search rankings. Make sure you empower your SEO through your content by enlisting the help of experienced SEO consultants today  The combination of artificial intelligence and human brainpower is one to be reckoned with!

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