MarketPro is looking for an ambitious young social media marketer in the Atlanta area in school or just beginning their professional career to help us expand our social media presence and be a part of a cutting edge digital marketing effort. We need a technically proficient and creative social media native to create a large volume of social content, manage publishing, syndication, and optimization of social content performance.

In this part-time role, you will be responsible for producing a large variety of content formats to improve our visibility online. A strong candidate must be able to follow instructions closely, be a fast learner, and have the mental discipline to work on detail-intensive tasks without losing focus or compromising quality and creativity.

We’re considering any and all talented marketers. But if you’re interested in gaining additional skills, we’re open to helping interns learn and get hands-on experience with content marketing, SEO, analytics, and other aspects of modern digital marketing as well as a strong understanding of contract marketing staffing and recruitment practices. We’ll work with you to determine your goals and how to get the most out of your internship.

There is some flexibility in this position in terms of hours worked and length of the internship depending on a strong candidate’s current school, work, and housing situation. Details can be arranged on a per-candidate basis.


• Create thorough, well-researched, and unique social media content according to the information and guidelines provided
• Review and edit your content to ensure logical flow and technical precision
• Schedule and publish social media content on multiple business pages
• Gather and interpret content performance data to optimize engagement, reach, and lead generation


• Mastery of English language and web writing
• Passion for social media and knowledge of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other key social media channels
• Ability to carefully scrutinize and revise your own work
• Current or pending degree in English, Marketing, Creative Writing, Journalism or similar field
• Ability to work on tight deadlines and under pressure

Preferred Skills:

• Image editing (PhotoShop, Canva or similar tools)
• Basic video editing (iMovie, Movie Creator, Camtasia or similar tools)

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This is a part-time position in MarketPro office (not remote)