Insource Your Agency: Meet MP Modern, a Division of MarketPro, Inc.

A New Breed of Digital Marketing Agency

ATLANTA, GA – September 13, 2016 – It’s time to rethink your approach to agencies. Today’s quickly-evolving marketing landscape demands a better, innovative alternative to the traditional agency model. Today MarketPro is excited to announce that solution in the form of MP Modern, a contemporary agency solution for modern marketing problems.

“What we’ve been hearing time and again from many of our clients in recent years is that traditional solutions for B2B digital marketing simply are not working,” says Bob Van Rossum, President of MarketPro and architect of the MP Modern concept. “In many cases, especially with mid-sized companies, we’re seeing that they’re having a hard time finding the results they want from their agency spend, or are frustrated by the long delays associated with traditional agency process.”

Put simply, MP Modern puts the power, experience and expertise of a specialized marketing agency right in your office. We collaborate with your internal marketing team to understand your needs, your projects, your campaigns. Then MP Modern strategically designs a team of experts who will develop, create and execute an ROI-driving marketing operation. As an on-site entity, your custom-crafted insourced agency from MP Modern will be able to improve and speed up your results because communication is in real-time. In an age where speed is everything, improved responsiveness makes all the difference in improving the effectiveness of your marketing spend.

“Working with agency partners can be very expensive and frustratingly slow. Marketing is evolving more quickly every year, and businesses need to think differently to stay ahead of their competition,” said Olena Eaton, Co-Founder and Digital Practice Lead of MP Modern.

MP Modern partners with clients on an in-house agency model creating a results-driven “internal agency” with just the right size and mix of expertise appropriate for their needs. This insourced agency will integrate with the organization’s culture and will be able to shift direction and priorities with a simple walk down the hallway—streamlining communications and increasing speed.

This new service will be powered by talent handpicked through the MarketPro recruitment methodology that’s been honed and perfected over twenty years. MarketPro’s powerful recruitment process ensures MP Modern clients will always be able to move forward with confidence knowing they have best-in-class talent at their disposal.

Organizations that insource their marketing can save up to 35% on their agency spend. MP Modern is currently offering businesses a free audit of their agency budgets to evaluate their savings potential. If you’re interested in scheduling an evaluation, click here to learn more.

About MarketPro

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