MarketPro announces flexCMO – a Strategic and Cost-Effective Resource for Companies Under 200 Million in Revenue

ATLANTA – June 15, 2009Small to medium sized companies need a strategic marketing plan and a roadmap for execution, though most cannot afford a full-time Chief Marketing Officer.  With flexCMO these companies now have an unfair marketing advantage.  flexCMO allows anyone to hire executive marketing talent for only one to ten days per month and they retain the flexibility they need to adjust as their needs change.

MarketPro, an Atlanta-based, contract placement and executive search firm specializing in marketing, interactive and creative and talent, announced today that it has launched flexCMO, a strategic and cost-effective resource for companies under 200 million in revenue.

MarketPro’s President, Bob Van Rossum said, “flexCMO is the solution for small and medium sized business who have grown based on the quality of their products or services and now that growth has slowed; flexCMO allows these companies to continue their growth trajectory by investing in an area historically only served at a tactical level.  flexCMO solves their need for marketing strategy and product innovation at a cost that is easily affordable.

Van Rossum believes that this service offering fills a critical need for today’s businesses.  “With the cutbacks that every business has endured, this resource will help companies at a time when they need growth and profitability most.  flexCMO will help companies to:  Increase their marketing ROI, Research, create and launch new products and services, Improve lead quality, Add new customers, Maximize Online Marketing, Improve customer loyalty and, Improve external/internal communication,”  Van Rossum said.

MarketPro’s interim CMOs are carefully selected based upon the clients’ needs and by MarketPro’s recruiters, who are themselves former marketing professionals.

Van Rossum sums up the benefits of MarketPro’s flexCMO program by saying, “Never before have you been able to get a ‘rock star’ CMO on your team for a mere fraction of the cost to hire them onto your team full-time.

With the MarketPro flexCMO you get a talented CMO on your team with the experience to move your business forward.  They’ll utilize your vision and business plan to deliver a strategic, measurable marketing plan.  It all comes down to big time marketing results for less money.  In the end, that’s the real competitive advantage we offer.