Social Media Marketing Staffing Can Help Facebook Use Marketplace for Ads

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Periodicals used to gain a lot of income from their classified sections, until Craigslist came along and crushed them. Soon after, Craigslist got beat by Facebook’s Marketplace section. Now the company is ready to see if it can reap some revenue from its classified section, and social media marketing staffing may be able to help all parties involved.

On Friday, Facebook revealed that the company will begin trying out ads within the Craigslist-esque Marketplace section it launched last year.

“We are starting a small test that shows ads to a small percentage of people using Marketplace in the US and will evaluate the response before determining how we move forward,” Facebook product marketing manager Michelle Bonner Techel said in an emailed statement.

While the trial is taking place, Facebook will take retail ads that brands aim at online shoppers and post them alongside the items that are listed for sale by regular people on Facebook. According to a Facebook spokesperson, people in the US posted 18 million items for sale within Marketplace during May alone.

The ads will be identical to Marketplace’s square-shaped regular listings. They will display the image of a single product pulled from the product catalogs that participating advertisers have uploaded to Facebook and will sport the name of the advertiser and a “Sponsored” label.

Facebook will reveal the ads only after customers scroll through the main Marketplace feed and will not display ads on any of the feeds designated to a particular category. By clicking the ad, customers will be redirected to the corresponding product page on the advertiser’s site.

According to the spokesperson, for this trial, Facebook is partnering with a handful of brands that have large product catalogs and will not charge these brands for advertising in Marketplace. The ads will be targeted the same way as when they’re placed in the normal Facebook news feed.

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Facebook and their partnering advertisers can both benefit greatly from social media marketing staffing. The right staff of social media marketing professionals can assist Facebook in listing construction and placement, leading to more traffic and views for these “Sponsored” products. The right staff can also help advertisers in developing the ad itself, and making it more appealing for social media advertising specifically. Consulting experienced social media marketing recruiters may be in both of their best interests.

This trial is merely an extension of advertisers’ campaigns to a new area and represents the latest solution to the ad overload in users’ Facebook feeds, but may lead to both Facebook and advertisers alike turning a good profit.