How Digital Marketing Staffing Can Propel Your Video Engagement

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Think shorter brand videos are better? According to TwentyThree, short isn’t always the way to go. By analyzing engagement rates, the company found that although the majority of videos created (80%) are shorter than five minutes, they account for less than a third of video engagement. On the other hand, videos longer than 15 minutes were responsible for half of viewer engagement and videos lasting more than 45 minutes accounted for 30% of viewer engagement. Digital marketing staffing may be able to aid companies in the restructuring of these videos, to better suit the preferences of the consumer, resulting in higher engagement rates and longer engagement times.

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TwentyThree’s report also found that Facebook users average 20 seconds per video view, while YouTube viewers average just under one minute. However, when watching a video on a brand’s actual site, 66% of viewers average almost four minutes per video. The report goes on to state that visitors are twice as likely to play your video content on your site, and owned media is 12 times better at propelling engagement.

Additionally, consumers are enjoying the trend of live streaming and engagement for live videos is 4 times higher than for on-demand, even though almost 70% of live video viewing happens after the live event is over. Consulting a digital marketing recruiter may be in the best interest of most companies, to find the perfect staff that will know exactly what kind of videos they need to create, where they need to be posted, how to structure them for maximum engagement, and how to reach a broader audience.

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