How to Raise Brand Awareness Using Social Media

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Social media has become a great way to spread brand awareness and build brand loyalty. In a 2017 Sprout Social survey, 62 percent (of 1,000 respondents) said they are likely to purchase from a brand they follow on social media. Furthermore, respondents were more likely to follow a brand on social media before deciding to buy from them.

Social media ensures that your brand stays top of mind, and that consumers will remember and consider it when they are ready to make a purchase. Investing in social media staffing may be a good idea for most companies, to have extra people on board to keep up with all of the quickly evolving platforms and consumer preferences. Here are a few tips to help your company increase brand awareness and build loyalty by using social media:

See The Big Picture

Providing a great product or service isn’t always enough for some prospects. Today, many people value  transparency, authenticity, and honest from companies more than the products themselves. For example:

  • Sharing sneak peeks and exclusive info on products and services
  • Highlighting company culture and values
  • Being honest about business practices
  • Getting involved in the community
  • Providing valuable content

CustomInk, a U.S. based clothing company, uses Instagram to show off employees who ran a 5K to raise awareness about water conservation, while tea company Stash Tea gives their Instagram followers a peek into the company’s tea making process.

Video courtesy of Entrepreneur

Look Into Co-marketing

Analyzing the demographics, preferences, and behaviors of your target audience can reveal other companies to potentially partner with on marketing campaigns. Co-marketing enables both brands to simultaneously obtain additional exposure and reach to a broader audience, and ultimately better results than a solo campaign. Here are some examples:

  • Companies Sole Society, Society 6, and Public collaborated to develop their #howisummer joint social media promotion.
  • Jewelry retailer Astley Clarke used Instagram stories to announce collaboration and giveaway with clothing company Hunza G.

Stay On Top of Social Customer Care

Although live chat is popular among retailers, give much attention to customer care on social platforms. Consumers on social media expect fast responses to their questions and especially, their complaints. While becoming increasingly more impatient, consumers have developed a level of comfort with social media as a form of communication, much higher than that of going to your website or calling customer service for help. Addressing concerns quickly on social media may give you a leg up on traditional companies that still only use social sites for promotion.

Try obtaining feedback in a way similar to this survey strategy from Loft, a women’s clothing retailer. After speaking with shoppers via live chat, Loft asked how those shoppers would have contacted them if chat were not available. Social media was one of the survey options.

Experiment with Social Profiles

Experimenting with the features of each social media platform is fun. For ecommerce retailers, Facebook can be a favorite due to the many tab options on a page, such as email sign-up forms, promotions, and the ability to increase website traffic. For time-sensitive promotions, consider using Instagram stories to spark engagement and increase your site traffic in a short amount of time. While all of these tips will be very helpful, consulting a social media marketing recruiter will still be extremely useful, as they can provide the social media marketing staffing talent that can manage your social media counts more effectively and produce maximum engagement.