3 Simple Methods to Enhance Your Employer Branding

Organizational branding and employer branding will attract the right kind of employees to your business, which will enhance your customer experience.

Get the Talent, Keep the Talent

Organizational branding can be the key to a business’s success, if executed properly. Engaging and preserving the right talent is an important part of any business, especially those that are quickly developing. Yet, as the fight to attract and retain talent gets tougher, maintaining a strong talent pipeline has never been so important.

The route to attracting and retaining talent lies in creating a successful employer brand – attractive to potential employees who are thinking of working for your organization.

The companies who take a long-term approach to investing in

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and align with long-term business needs are the ones who will gain an advantage over the competition. This relies on two of the most important internal teams to work together; first, Human Resources, who’s responsibility it is to drive the company’s people strategy, which ensures employees are brought into the company. Second, the marketing department, who will ensure HR’s messages reach its target audience across multiple channels.

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Maintaining the Energy

More often, businesses – especially the more agile tech companies like Rackspace and Intuit – are making a clearer connection between their customer and employer brands, and their overall brand purpose. And this permeates every corner of their business, from their internal strategies, all the way through to their external channels. In Rackspace’s case, its employees, or as they call them, ‘Rackers’, form the basis of their customer offering. You don’t just buy a managed cloud service, you buy into the company’s people and abilities, and this is what sets it apart from other cloud companies out there.

Similarly, companies such as AXA, in its attempt to profit from the growing InsurTech space, have a well-thought-out and unified employer brand strategy, with clear targeting to the demographics they want to attract. Its Great Global Adventure initiative, gave one graduate the opportunity to travel the world, undertaking two international internships with AXA and getting involved in a corporate responsibility project. The winner has now been permanently hired, and made way for another graduate to embark on the same adventure. This program increased the size of their graduate talent pool with minimal investment and collaboration with marketing.

Cultivating Brand Ambassadors

A recent LinkedIn survey found that the greatest obstacle for job seekers changing jobs is ‘not knowing what it’s really like to work at the company’. There’s often skepticism, that the image a company portrays on its website or across its social channels isn’t necessarily the real picture.

However, finding employees who believe in the company’s purpose and values (and who will shout about it on channels like Glassdoor and LinkedIn) will help in attracting other employees like them. This is called a brand ambassador. Additionally, we know customers respond most positively to working with people who care about the company’s culture, character and delivery, which is why brand ambassadors play a key role in maintaining clients’ loyalty to your business.

A great employer brand also relies on and promotes a great culture, reputation, and a strong hiring process. Adidas is a prime example of a company that has clearly identified the link between their employer brand and candidate experience to keep, what could be a complicated business strategy, lean, simple and quick. Employees are empowered by the purpose ‘Through Sport, we have the power to change lives’, which also underpins its entire employer brand promise. This sets the tone for all employer brand strategy, bringing to life the brand’s unique culture of fostering the potential of its people.

If it’s executed poorly, there’s a clear negative impact – but get it right and you’ve turned your employer brand into a highly effectual business asset.

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