Create A More Innovative Company with Engaging Chatbots

 The world of marketing is ever-evolving, and your business needs to be well-versed on the vast changes taking place. Adept marketing technologist recruiters can create an engaging bot for your company in no time. When enhancing your company’s image, brand strategy consultants will provide you with the right skills and resources to ensure your growth.

Brands are now utilizing messaging platforms, and chatbots (bots) to connect with consumers. They  let customers shop, browse, and communicate with different brands in a conversational format.

Bots are altering our approach to customer engagement —whether it is to offer shopping advice, provide great deals, or figure out shipping costs. Here are innovative ways that brands have used bots for marketing purposes:

1. A Personalized Experience for the User

Giving the user opportunities to share information about themselves personalizes their bot experience. In the retail industry, Aerie for American Eagle Outfitters’ (AOE), created a bot with a “This or That” function to keep the conversation going. Consumers talking to the bot simply choose which piece of clothing they preferred in a fun interactive quiz. If the user didn’t want to buy immediately, she could easily play another round of “This or That.” According to the AEO’s innovation project manager Heather Bell, the brands have acquired “a lot more” users via the chatbot than they have via social. “Within weeks, our chatbots have acquired more than double the average number of users we add monthly across all social channels combined.”

2. Engage with Users

When we think of engagement, we normally think of clicks, views, or conversion. With a chatbot, engagement means continuous conversation; this type of interaction lends itself well to entertainment. On the other hand, if users leave the chat after one or two messages, the bot needs additional work.

Not only do these bots let users feel connected with the brands, they also provide users with an entertaining experience and positive emotional feeling.

3. Bring Your Brand to Life

Several of the most memorable bots serve as brand mascots. Placing personality into the conversation augments the branded bot into a “live entity.” When done correctly, these personable bots can feel like a friend and help businesses. A company can show their brand story to their audience.

Strategically implemented and well-designed bots can tell a brand story, re-engage audiences, facilitate commerce, and ultimately enhance a business.