New Streamlined Developments on LinkedIn

 Enhance your company’s design and interface with experienced social media recruiters. Your business’s content marketing is vital to your firm’s success and customer retention rates.

New Developments:

  • LinkedIn has entirely revamped its desktop experience
  • One vital alteration is a new streamlined search box that allows users find jobs, people, companies, groups and schools, and will enable searches for posts in the near future.
  • Other features of the new desktop include: highlighting content curated through human editors and algorithms, a real-time messaging interface, and easier navigation with seven core areas in the navigation bar: Home (Your Feed), Jobs, Messaging, Notifications, Search, Me, and My Network.


Marketers will likely find some of the new features beneficial. Real-time messaging could become a new way to reach target audiences. Messaging is an increasingly important and popular method to engage digital consumers and allow them to communicate in their personal and professional lives.

The new emphasis on content should also engage B2B marketers looking to get brand awareness and thought leadership pieces for a relevant audience. The new focus includes a “trending news” section that is similar to Facebook’s. While content marketing continues to expand, marketers are making sure they get in front of a qualified audience, something LinkedIn is well-positioned to do.

After a fairly quiet seven months post-acquisition by Microsoft, LinkedIn is back in the news again. With this new design and interface, the desktop experience is more in line with the mobile LinkedIn experience. Furthermore, there is a partnership in the works with DataSift bringing marketers a new metrics tool titled LinkedIn Engagement Insights.