Practical Methods You Can Use To Improve Performance Marketing

Don’t get stuck behind the competition due to the lack of mobile marketing recruiters and skilled talent. This article includes insightful information needed to enhance your video performance marketing and organizational branding.

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Recently Patrick Hopf, President and Co-Founder of SourceKnowledge, shared some insightful information about how marketers can enhance their video performance marketing:

“In the wake of Breitbart, many brands are realizing that their ads are being delivered to poor quality websites through programmatic and RTB technology, and in return, brands are losing confidence in ad networks and agencies. In 2017, we will see brands reevaluate their digital strategies and partner with performance based ad platforms — that offer easy to use, intuitive tech — to bring their work in-house,” said Patrick Hopf.

How Mobile Enhances Your Performance

“It’s expected that by 2018 mobile will account for more than half of all internet advertising. The shift toward mobile presents a great opportunity for brands as consumers interact with their smartphones in a completely different way than a desktop. With mobile leading the pack, performance marketing campaigns will make their way onto handheld devices,” said Hopf.

The Benefits of Ad Blocking

“Throughout 2016, the industry debated and combatted the use of ad blockers, but in 2017, we will see the industry start to realize that ad blocking can be beneficial to campaigns versus hurting them. Recent data shows that the majority of people don’t hate ads. Rather, they hate poor user experiences. Ad blocking can turn a new page for advertisers and be the means to an end for poor user experiences,” said Hopf.