3 Ways to Capitalize with Cognitive Marketing

Learn more about the methods your company can use to enhance your content marketing efforts. Engaging with a skilled marketing analytics consultant can further increase the relevance of the messages your customers see.

AI, or ‘cognitive’, marketing systems utilize industrial computing power and machine learning to enhance marketing performance.

Below are the three main methods marketers plan to use cognitive marketing.

1. Audience Segmentation

Segmenting audiences is vital for delivering a relevant message to your consumers. In a recent study, participants stated that most marketers use demographics as a segmenting tool to group their audience with similar wants and needs.

On the other hand, cognitive marketing systems analyze massive data sets from a variety of sources including: social media and purchasing behavior, to find customer segments that have similar behavior.

What this means for marketers, is that cognitive marketing will change the customer list into a database where each member is connected to others in several different ways. The result is that one customer will be part of a variety of segments depending on their behavior.

2. Customize Your Content

With the behavioural segment data, marketers can use cognitive marketing systems to customize content more effectively than ever. 

Personalization ensures that brands don’t deliver irrelevant messages and risk being ignored by the customer.

3. Help Your Customers with Decision Making

Delivering a customized message at the right time is beneficial to the brand for the reasons mentioned above, but cognitive marketing will also help the customer in making better decisions.

This, in turn, will show that the brand anticipates a consumer’s desires and, ideally, makes it easier for them to choose the brand above others.