Engaging Millennials with Video Ads

Here’s the break down of how millennials operate in the market and how to engage them. Hiring millennial marketers would be beneficial to your company by easing the stress of intriguing this target market. Your company could also advance with the help from an accomplished digital advertising staffing agency. This way, the content you release will be exceptionally engaging.

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Video by: Roberto Blake

Statistics on Video Ad Engagement

A recent survey of 1,000 buyers in the United Kingdom by Groundbreak Productions discovered that 20% of Millennials will more likely purchase a product after watching a video advertisement. That surpasses 45-54 year olds (12%), 55-64 year olds (13%) or people over the age of 65 (6%).

Video ads that are concise and informative were liked more by 42% of all consumers surveyed, and 22% would be more likely to make a purchase after watching. On the other hand, 30% prefer video ads that tell a story, namely those that ignite a nostalgic feeling (29%).

According to Geoff Brooks, CEO at Groundbreak Productions, “this research really highlights the importance of brands carefully considering the way they use video to advertise their products or services to their target market”.

The Survey Rundown

And, while video ads are preferred by Millennials, Brooks says “these statistics shouldn’t be off-putting. Instead of packing in video advertising altogether, the research suggests that to influence consumer spending brands need to create either snappy and ‘to the point’ adverts, or invest in storytelling”.