Read more about how to optimize your ecommerce staffing to ensure your customer’s holiday shopping experience is unmatched. There are plenty of opportunities to capitalize on digital marketing jobs and enhance your customer’s experience when buying online.

There are many factors that contribute to just how shipments get delivered. Here are five tips to aid your business with shipping this Holiday season.

1. Set Realistic Expectations

Make certain your customers shopping on your site understand how long orders will take to arrive. Also, give shoppers detailed delivery dates per carrier and service level offered. It is up to your company to attempt to get orders out before December 25th- a hard deadline to achieve.

2. Prepare Top Sellers Beforehand

One way to stay prepared on your holiday shipping is to pack popular items before they’re sold. When you’re not as busy, weigh, pack, and mark top sellers so when those orders do come in, you’ll only need to put a label on.

3. Ship Immediately

It is vital to quickly react to orders during the holiday season. In fact,  it’s ideal for most ecommerce businesses should ship within 12 hours of when an order is placed.

It is wise to begin streamlining your order fulfillment process in August. However,  you can still make small adjustments to your workflow before it’s too late.

4. Incorporate a Marketing Message

The Christmas season is the perfect time to participate in in-box marketing. When shipping an order, consider adding a promotional offer and/or a small gift.

This benefits you and your customers! Your customer gets a nice discount and you might get increased sales during a generally  slow period for sales.

5. Manage Package Pickups

During the holidays, consider investing in package pickup locations for your customers. It can save a lot of time.