Social Media Is Influencing More TV Views


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 Studies conducted by DigitalSmith show how the increased use of social media has directly increased the amount of television views. The future of digital jobs has been expanding due to the need for tech savvy employees and  skilled social media recruiters. Don’t let your business fall behind on the latest trends happening in digital and social media marketing.

Increasing Views

Considering the historical impact social has on Television viewing, DigitalSmith explains that in Q1 2013 no more than 18% of Americans claimed their viewing habits were affected by social, however in Q2 2015 28% stated social affected their viewing. Other factors that influence viewing include: voice searching that 1 in 10 people utilize and third party apps that 35% of people use.

TV is Easily Accessible and EVERYWHERE

This pattern is probably because of the growing TVE part – those that watch Televion. People are currently watching broadcast programming from mobile devices, notebooks, during commutes or while traveling for vacation. Adobe Digital Insights notes inside their Q2 2016 report that TVE consumption continues to grow, although their research demonstrates connected TVs are first in that arena with 44% of time consumption.

“Despite the fact that television is embracing multiscreen, the living room TV set is how most viewers watch today,” write the researchers. “In an environment where consumers demand reliable, high-quality video experiences across screens, connected devices present a major opportunity for media companies to deliver premium viewing that’s personalized to the individual.”

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