3 Loyalty Program Hacks

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The First Step: Leverage Other Currencies

“With leveraged loyalty, merchants without established loyalty programs of their own can reward their patrons with points and miles from larger, more established programs,” said Danielle Brown, VP of Marketing, Points. “For example, merchants can purchase points and miles from better-known programs like Marriott Rewards or Delta SkyMiles and then award them to their clients, loyal customers, and employees as as an incentive to reward their patronage. While it may seem counterintuitive to offer rewards in other programs, this tactic actually provides customers with more incentive to engage with a brand since they’re able to collect rewards in globally-recognized programs or loyalty programs that they’re already invested in.”

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The Second Step: Leverage Feedback and Data

“An often-overlooked but cost-effective way to improve your loyalty program is to collect and mine feedback for relevant insights. You can do this by creating a survey that asks specific questions that relate to your brand and then offering rewards to your members as an incentive to complete the survey,” said Brown.  Then utilize the feedback you have gathered to customize benefits, that will further enhance the customer experience. For instance, an airline may perform a study to determine and target the benefits that high-value customers — whether that is a seat upgrade, a discount to the next trip, or perhaps a free wine bottle for people who claim they often purchase one.

The Third Step: Allow Currency to be Flexible

“When it comes to driving loyalty in the travel space, flexibility is the key to success. Many of today’s loyalty programs are using flexibility to set themselves apart from their competitors and increase engagement within their programs,” said Brown. Packages must tap into technologies and business trends that continue to drive how users burn and make their points and miles. One growing trend will be the mobile wallet. Loyalty programs have a huge opportunity to increase ubiquity in their loyalty, and their presence, by developing growing mobile wallet programs- a clever digital marketing tactic. By providing members the freedom to generate and spend frequently, it raises involvement within the plan and impacts the bottom line.