Why Marketers Prefer Social to Promote Video Content over the Alternatives

Many studies have been conducted highlighting the shift of interest in ad networks to social media platforms. Partner with a knowledgeable social media recruiter to ensure your company stays updated on the changes being made in digital marketing and keeps up with the latest trends in digital video advertising staffing.

 Research Results:

  • 42% of marketers and 65% of agency participants are prepared to pay more for digital video advertising.
  • A study by Advertiser Perceptions with respect to Trusted Media Brands discovered that 65% of marketing professionals claim social media may be the most significant system for digital video marketing, beating out video-specific choices like YouTube (55%) and ad sites (29%).
  • 71% of these surveyed said they “might” use live streaming video next year, with 18% indicating they “definitely will.” Facebook Live edged out different systems as the hottest choice for live streaming.

A glimpse into the Crystal Ball

Video has become an extremely significant ad format on digital products, a trend largely motivated by the growing significance of mobile advertising. The research claims these developments, indicating that marketers prefer sharing video on social media over alternative methods to getting that information to consumers.

“We can count on more dollars moving into digital video, and social platforms continuing to drive innovation. The trends favor the consumer appetite for shorter content with micro video and branded content on the rise,” according to the report. “Consumers should be happy because they will get their video where they already like to go—on social. It seems the genie is not going back in the bottle on in-stream, auto-play video, and we can thank Facebook for that. We think this one however, might not make consumers so happy. At least, not until they get used to it.”

Branded content was the most used video advertising form, beating out in-video banner advertisements in addition to pre- and post-roll advertisements and branded content video ads should get the most investment within the next year. The study also discovered that marketers are prepared to recycle 30-minute Television spots as online video advertisements, with 41% reporting they’d certainly recycle short-form TV advertising content online, 55% reporting it’s a possibility, and just 4% saying they certainly wouldn’t recycle TV content online.

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