Marketers react to new Live Events feature on Instagram

With the many changes happening in digital marketing and social media platforms, marketers are ensuring that social media recruiters are updated on new features. Make sure your digital marketing staffing agency is well-versed on the changes happening and the changes to come in digital marketing.

A couple weeks after revealing its Snapchat Stories characteristic, Instagram copied another Snapchat device by applying a brand new live events video channel. The feature, called Events, will be underneath the Explore option, where Instagram exposes other accounts a person may want to follow. The channel will be individualized for every person and show videos from activities — shows, celebrations and sporting events, for instance — based on what kinds of accounts the consumer follows. Social media recruiters are staying updated on these many features and functions of both of these popular social media platforms.

“Because details are murky and any user’s content can appear in a channel, brands may have a difficult time standing out without paid ads. But events with limited access present brands with a chance to shine”, said Jared Grant, communications strategy director at Goodby Silverstein & Partners. While a large amount of people may distribute content linked to the VMAs or Oscars, for example, manufacturers joining the event can separate the group and their content by “letting people see what’s going on from the ground.”

Brands can also “inject themselves when they have a sponsorship with the event or some sort of tie with the event,” said Kevin Del Rosario, associate director of social media at Huge. Karan Dang, digital creative director at 180LA, added that for clients who normally sponsor events such as Miller and Asics, the feature will “definitely help our brands be more visible when users are consuming content from those events.”

“You have to know it’s a new feature,” Quigley said. “As much as they are curating it, they are also shaping what the tool is going to be.”

The Future of Snapchat and Instagram

Many companies we talked with thought that as Instagram gets people acclimated with the features and understands what is most effective, the Facebook-owned business might ultimately place advertisements, permit manufacturers to purchase certain events, crowdsource curation, or include hashtags in to the channel. “In the meantime, brands should closely monitor what gets placed prominently in people’s feeds so that they can design content favorable to Instagram’s algorithm,” said digital marketing consultant Jasmine Sandler.

Although it’s possible that there could be “some sort of cannibalism of Snapchat features” with Instagram adopting more Snapchat-like tools, “there are also a lot of people who just absolutely love Snapchat, and I don’t see them going away from that,” Grant said.

“Let’s be honest, Snapchat is being ripped off all over the world,” she said in reference to Twitter’s Moments and apps such as Snow and Line. “Any platform is going to live or die by their audience.”

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