Improving Quality Leads is a Main Concern and Obstacle for Marketers

Marketers from all over are noticing the importance of engaging and bringing in quality leads by having effective email marketing staffing firms and SEO. Stay ahead of the changes happening in marketing and make sure your SEO recruitment and email marketing staffing firms are updated on them.

More than three quarters of participants (77 percent) say enhancing the caliber of prospects is the most significant objective; the 2nd most widely used lead prospecting goal was obtaining new clients (50 percent).

The study revealed increasing lead quality can also be challenging for advertising experts – about 50% recognized it as their prime problem.

The data displays content marketing (45 percent) and e-mail marketing (45 percent) would be the two best online techniques used for getting leads.

“Content is a common denominator to other effective marketing channels such as social media and websites as well,” wrote the authors of the study.

Content marketing, SEO, as well as social media marketing, are named the most challenging strategies for marketers to perform for lead generation. Consequently, 80 percent of respondents reveal their business outsources a part or all of their lead generation techniques.

B2B Marketers Feel Pressured to Cultivate Quality Leads

An alternate survey from earlier this year revealed most B2B marketers (59 percent) feel there is “significant pressure” from higher-level management to develop quality leads.

Despite increased stress, B2B marketers continue to struggle to precisely monitor ROI and leads. Actually, a quarter of survey respondents expressed they’re “very confident” regarding monitoring leads. Additionally, about 24 percent said that marketing and sales don’t possess a shared meaning of a “lead.”

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