Data-Driven Marketers Know Segmentation and Its Limitations

Do you think you’re leaving money on the table due to your segmentation practices? In the year of the customer, we encourage you to partake in a big data executive search to settle your uncertainty and combat the following issues. Our big data recruiters, who are also marketers, strive to seek new ways to improve the practice of maximizing strategy alongside leadership.

Make The Most Out of Your Big Data Techniques

This short video fills you in on marketing segmentation before we share ways in how to maximize and prevent mistakes. Thanks OpenViewVenture!

A Non-Renewable Resource That You Can’t Afford to Waste: Time

Regardless of the channel used to communicate with a customer you should look at the elements of their needs and the time of contact. In order to accomplish this you can use frequency of purchase, last purchase date, even their renewal date. Having this additional segment will help you get the right information in front of the client at the right time, leading to an increase in sales.

You Can’t Define Anything Without a Template (In Marketing It’s Data)

Most companies base their segmentation on available fields in their CRM, their clients’ purchase history, or other digital behaviors identified within their business. Therefore, segmenting on the basis of customer profiles or personas constructed on assumptions is a good starting point. However, it is unwise to finalize your segmentation without first doing an analysis.

Testing prevents mistakes as well as saving you valuable time and your wallet. Now these tests can include anything from sending email marketing campaigns (as well as their results) to running limited digital marketing campaigns that reflect your company.

I recommend evaluating other techniques for greater results! The Component Your Omnichannel Marketing Strategy is Sorely Missing

Evaluation Is One Way Our Big Data Executive Search Is Successful, You Can Be Too

You should always be evaluating your ideal customer profile and your needs for segmentation, and making sure your data collection is getting the valuable information you need from customers. Your ideal segmentation may be based on variables and fields that you have not collected information on yet. This can range from identifying your customers through gender, social group, other means. In a big data executive search we approach the candidates the same way to increase the likelihood that our clients will receive the executive they actually need.

Approach Each Customer Personally Like Our Big Data Recruiters

Not all of your customers are interested in hearing what you have to say from all the various channels you use, sometimes tradition is the bread winner for your customers. This about relationships and their history which is what we practice as big data recruiters.

The people in your various segments should be defined and targeted based on different goals within your business. Each of those different segments should then be marketed to in accordance with your goals for them. This can be delegated simply by their need and priority to your company. For instance, older customers should get information that gear them to renew membership versus presenting packages for first-time comers.

Check, One, Two , Three…

A valuable method is to compare the same segment over a period of multiple campaigns. This will help you determine if your team needs to adjust your campaigns to fit your segments. When segmentation is done right, it will boost your ROI and make your marketing efforts much more worthwhile. If there are hiccups you’ll be a head of the game and fix it currently and prevent future disasters.

It’s Time To Clean Up

Clutter anywhere is a crime, especially for your marketing team. You’re entire evaluation is based off of this data and if you can’t decipher it then you’re campaigns are sure to fail. Data that’s outdated, duplicated or even data that has not been normalized makes for overall inaccurate segmentation. So long story short make sure your data is clean and accurate.