Adjusting Your Broadcast Advertising Recruitment Strategy around Programmatic Radio

Programmatic advertising is finally making its way into broadcast, and marketing leaders need to pay attention. As an advertising recruitment firm, we think it has huge potential to shift the way we approach radio advertising. If you’re behind the times on the latest trends in programmatic, consider working with digital marketing consultant recruiters to catch up.

Radio audiences have dropped, but audio can be popular as ever. Streaming music alone produced $2 billion in income last year, showing that there’s still need for chance and noise for audio publishers.

Distribution methods have changed, but for streaming audio as a result of streaming sites and podcast publishers, demand grew by 92 percent in 2015 with over 317 million individual audio streams clocked across platforms.

There’s only one issue. The majority of that inventory is still being offered directly, without the performance, the accuracy or perhaps the revenue that programmatic has taken to digital screen, movie, Television, local, mobile and social. Leading streamers like Spotify are slowly changing this track. By adopting a brand new trend of methods, Spotify is enabling audio editors to show those huge amounts of revenues into income, using listener data to create tightly targeted segments that advertisers need.

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Aside from increasing publisher revenue for streaming content, the programmatic future also offers a return to the localized past of terrestrial radio. Streaming audio is global, but it can approach the local relevance of regional radio with targeting. Thanks to the gobs of data about streaming listeners, advertisers can simulate intimacy with personalization.

Better Returns for Publishers

Streaming has given audio publishers another shot at capturing an audience, but reliance on direct selling means that monetizing those growing audiences is costly. Spotify, which introduced a programmatic option in 2015, still maintains a sales team with over 100 members chasing direct deals. Its programmatic efforts, however, are managed by a team of fewer than ten.

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video from Xaxis

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Monetization, incremental revenue generation, automation, targeting, all of this is de rigueur for programmatic. What’s capturing more advertisers attention is the fact that programmatic audio’s rich data set enables a deep level of contextual ad placement. Meaning, because users take their music, podcasts and radio with them throughout their day, marketers are able to tailor their messaging to fit the exact moment.