Content Is As Popular As Ever… What Do You Need To Know To Land Your Next Job?

As content marketing recruiters, our clients frequently asks us what we think should be qualities of a content marketer. The short answer? Content marketing requires diversity in thought and application, so should your marketer. Our content marketing staffing agency vet new hires for these two qualities first. Experience and creativity are priceless for this role.

Content Marketers of All Levels Take Notes

While boasting a team of content marketers would be the ideal scenario, few businesses have the budget to support it. Many companies try to offset hiring additional employees for content creation. Freelancers are often utilized and work side by side with a highly skilled in-house content marketer.

You also have to be a self-sufficient marketing machine. Paint a picture with your words, develop a marketing philosophy, discover new techniques, sculpt the strategy, construct SEO and engineer an analytics measurement system. A mouth full isn’t it?

It could be argued it takes a whole team of people to successfully run a content marketing operation. This includes someone to plan the strategy, someone to create the content and someone to integrate it into various marketing channels. What do you think?

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Buzz Words Content Marketing Recruiters and CMOs Are Looking For:

It used to be only creative skills content marketing recruiters looked for, but times have changed.

Creative skills

  1. Writing
  2. Marketing strategy
  3. Content strategy
  4. Thought leadership
  5. Brand development

Now these are must haves for content marketers…

Technical skills

  1. SEO
  2. HTML
  3. Google Analytics
  4. CSS
  5. Programming
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Content Marketing Staffing Made Easy With This Insight

As content marketing staffing positions become a lot more appealing, your competition to grab up one is becoming tough too. From SEO professionals and social group administrators to writers, everybody’s trying to take their profession to another level is getting in line for a content marketing position.

To recreate yourself to become more appealing to prospective employers and expert, try these tips!

Remain on top of the game. Whether it’s joining a webinar, reading the most recent business articles or joining a meeting, content marketers should be hungry for developments.
Practice what they preached. After taking in new understanding on content marketing techniques, place the wheels in-motion; trigger ideas or these abilities when possible. Acting stops you from forgetting new ideas, that are usually overlooked within 24 hours.
Become a team player. Learn how have for help with delivery and to include your colleagues in brainstorming sessions. Get and test out new ideas.
Information market yourself. The most crucial suggestion? Build your own company. Find creative as it pertains to showcasing your skills and advertising yourself to potential employers. Don’t hesitate to drive the cover to obtain a hiring manager’s interest.

Seasoned Marketers Make the Best Team Players

When it comes to selecting the ideal candidate, we found experience takes the cake. Employers want to see someone who’s had hands-on, real-life experience in the field.

Number 1: A four-year degree is essential. This is the minimum education level for content marketing jobs.

Number 2: Take every opportunity to gain experience. Experience is always a great way to season and sharpen your abilities.