Broaden the Spectrum of Your Social Reach

The Domino Effect of Social For Brand Marketing Executive Search

Domino effect: Sharing posts gets more posts shared. Shared posts are amplified by your audience and can be amplified again by their audience (and so on). As brand marketers within a brand marketing executive search firm we know that content has to be of quality as well as consistent to our company’s mission as should all companies.

However, marketers today are now so used to paying to promote posts. It becomes easy to forget that social media is a free platform for your company as well.

More importantly, your campaigns should focus on credibility. Our social media recruiters stress the importance of content that’s approved by your audience reflects authenticity and interest value. For big brands celebrities, news highlights, and many others help curve the appetite of your customers. Knowing your customers takes this tactic to a whole new level.

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Broadening Your Horizon Requires Help From Our Social Media Recruiters

Getting a post shared in a foreign country is not easy. You don’t know what your audience cares about and so you don’t know what to associate your brand with. Nevertheless, localizing your social media by research can get expensive, so it would be wise to use tools. Thanks to marketing technology this is much faster and more efficient than ever before.

Tool Kit For Brand Building

Want to know what is trending on various social media platforms? There are tools! All of which let you search for new content using keywords. You can then filter posts by industry, city and country to specify your target group. Our brand marketing executive search firm help our clients find talent that exemplify this knowledge to maximize their efforts long term.

But there are other tools where the search is initially quite simple. You simply pick a keyword, the social network and how recent you want the content to be. You’ll find it interesting to see just how different the most talked-about topics are in different countries. Once you have found a relevant topic, you can then click through and see some more detail about the post and how quickly it was shared.

The Master of Everything: Google

There is a really cool tool called Google Trends that shows you the relative popularity of particular search terms on Google. Sometimes news outlets use it to show how a particular term or concept has either come in or fallen out of favor. It can also be used to track brand popularity. As social media recruiters we believe it will be extremely useful in using your social media channel to get their social media posts shared, through the ‘Trending Now’ section. This is gold as you can see what searches are currently trending and even see the approximate amount of searches on the term for that particular day. Google Trends allows you to change the country and see what is trending in various place which is strategic as your credibility and visibility will increase tremendously.

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An Example of Social Media Strength

Facebook or Twitter may demonstrate what’s generating excitement on social networks while Google could let you know what issues are now being looked for. Twitter and maybe even Facebook have developments menu has clickable hashtags that are categorized based on their current popularity. Facebook Developments may also manage what’s trending in town or a specific state. Allowing you see what hashtags are most widely used in another area of the world to provide you with head-way in your next international project.