Personalize Your Social Media Strategy To Strengthen Customer Relationships (Locally)

How Do International Brands Cater to Their Customer’s Needs Intimately? Our Social Media Recruiters React

Through the lenses of our social media recruiters we don’t see much difference either way. Well for one, it’s just customized to their language and location. Marketing resources may be stretched and having one base creative makes it much easier to roll out a campaign globally. Then a common image would help avoid having to have difficult discussions between the regional and HQ marketing teams.

And finally, sticking to a single creative globally makes compliance much easier. Only one set of approvals from legal required.

But brands who do make an effort to localise their content, benefit from overcoming the obstacles.

Here’s a video that will give more insight on localizing your marketing strategies. Thanks to G/O DIGITAL!

Use the CUSTOM in CUSTOMer For Your Campaigns

Centrally-managed content is good for the brand, but nowadays many marketing teams have other goals. They are also looking for ways to improve customer experience, while offering localised content is one effective way of doing so.

When you provide content that has clearly been designed for the market you are posting for, customers can see that you are focusing on their needs as opposed to just running the brand messaging. After all, no one likes getting sold to.

As social media recruiters we utilize a lot of social strategies and a great hub is Facebook. Facebook pages which are localize by country allows the marketing teams of multiple companies to promote summer clothes in Hong Kong on the same day it is showing winter gear in Australia. Now that is transformative to your customer’s experience and your brand.

Social Media Staffing Efforts Will Shape Your Local Efforts

Social media staffing works best for brands when they can elicit feedback from their fans with a good team of marketers. To do this, though, brands have to offer fans an opportunity to identify with what is being posted. In the year of the customer it is crucial to reach them at an emotional level, which occurs when they recognize something familiar. Risks are involved, but the pay off is well worth it.

Stronger relationships are built from the effort put into them. Marketing to your customers is absolutely the same.

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Embrace Diversity

Diversity is a tricky subject to touch on in marketing. Brands typically, and wisely, avoid it. However, if a particular custom is pervasive in a country, then it may be worthwhile for brands to acknowledge that it exists via social media. As a women owned social media staffing agency we try to rid the stigma of diversity meaning anything less than proficiency.

Doing so shows that the brand understands its consumers and their culture at a deeper level. This can, in turn, increase local affinity. The amount of supportive have shown to be off the charts.

It’s awfully tempting to create social media posts centrally and then just ask the regional teams to translate and repost. Social media, however, works best for brands when they reach their audience emotionally.

This can be achieved by posting content specifically produced for the local market. It demonstrates that a brand is more serious about the local market and that it is not just superficially interested in its customers there. Support your Customers and they’ll support you.