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Our marketing analytics executive search firm also wants to see the disconnect of marketing goals seize. Since we are marketing analytics recruiters we know the make-up of a great marketer, but we also see the apparent issues reflected in the numbers. It has statistically been proven that an inconsistent measure of communication can shake a whole organization from top to bottom.
A short video on metrics via Tony Vidler

So What’s The Big Idea?

Jargon is useful in the field, but sometimes it desensitizes the message and complicates the goals we try to achieve. All too often, RFPs cram a lot of metrics into their proposals, but there’s no true indication of what the client wants as the end goal. Unfortunately, this is a frustration our veteran marketing analytics recruiters run into way too often.

Your client then has to understand that a CPI goal indicates that we’re guaranteeing an install that can only occur after a download, which happens after a click. At that point, guaranteeing viewability is superfluous, but many of us marketers too often put on the plan for the sake of comfort.

After much scrutiny is it safe to say that we’ve lost sight of the purpose of a key performance indicator (KPI)?

How This Will Be Implemented Is Just like How We Train Our Marketing Analytics Recruiters

The problem with looking at any metric in isolation is that you begin to minimize the importance of your ultimate objective. Marketers need to define their end goal and work with media providers to determine the best stepping stones to get there, starting with communication.

Asking for something without determining the ultimate goal and paying for viewability sets toward what works and organizers do not get the things they’re searching for both groups end up in a bind. Ultimately, leaving the buyers unable to grow.

Sure, thoughts would be the top of the channel. Raising the amount of people who view your ad will raise the odds the next thing within the path will be recognized. However, merely requesting does not get anyone anywhere.

Measurements have an objective. A KPI is a sign that another action should follow. Understanding the road to buy for each advertiser—and the reasoning behind that path—is crucial to success on both ends.

A Marketing Analytics Executive Search Firm Wrap-Up

The road to buy your customers as well as describe your objective take away may be a long one if done incorrectly. Identify the worth in every individual KPI. Pay attention to feedback from your own associates regarding if they believe you are considering the incorrect KPI—you employed them due to their knowledge, in the end. A lot of things subscribe to success, but press groups and marketers have to be arranged on where they are moving in order to achieve it.

There are so many areas of our lives where we use KPIs to help us understand progress against an ultimate goal. Each item feels like a win in the moment, but the reality is that they are all subsequent stepping stones to getting you what you want. At the end, the client has to be clear about what they want, like a business that needs a 3% conversion rate on their customer loyalty programs. Our marketing analytics executive search firm finds this particularly important as we have to measure for and beyond our client request for the best placements.

Setting short-term goals are important. They break down large tasks into bite-sized chunks that feel achievable—and therefore are achievable. But you need to understand how metrics contribute to your ultimate goal. You know what you’re working toward—whether it’s gaining an email sign-up, an Instagram follower who sees your posts daily, a one-time customer who makes a $20 purchase, or a loyal customer who spends $3 every couple of days at the same coffee joint. Whatever the target objective may be, the most important thing is to make sure that it is universally understood.