The Lack of Diversity in the Business World is Yet Again Unveiled (Infographic)

Our B2B Marketing Executive Search Firm Takes a Look into Diversity

Diversity in the workplace has been a hot topic for many years, especially after regulations were implemented for the cause. However it is still shocking, even as a woman owned B2B marketing executive search firm to see such staggering results. Many companies find it helpful to engage in our minority executive searches to bring their workplace into balance and avoid scrutiny.

The infographic below shows some of the B2B Fortune 500 company that have had run ins with diversity :

B2B Marketing Executive Search Firm infographic

We have provided just a snippet, but you can see the rest of the infographic by Laura Brothers via

Here Are a Few Reasons Why Investing in a Minority Executive Search Would Benefit You

Now as a B2B marketing executive search firm we see business’s often struggle to reach their minority requirements. It’s usually because they have never participated in a minority executive search and aren’t educated on its benefits. Here’s a glimpse:

  1. A diverse board is not only preferable by many employees, but its essential to a successful company. Diversity is important for all fields, especially marketing as it presents a plethora of ideas, enriches the work environment, appeals to a larger market and so much more.
  2. More women are significantly becoming degree holders than men across the board, even in intense fields. As well as the majority of the workforce.
  3. Regulations that put restrictions on companies that don’t comply with a certain percentage of minority counterparts.
  4. They (women) are vastly the majority in consumer spending, making them the ideal candidate for any campaign to pitch to your audiences. Who knows you better than you?
  5. Active participants in all levels of your organization.


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