Mobile is the Medium For Marketing Geniuses

Mobile Marketing: What a Digital Agency Needs In Marketing

Mobile now lies at the center of the consumer universe and its value should be reflected in your marketing campaigns. Many say that “mobile marketing” still mostly means app marketing, nevertheless your operational view of mobile should be along the lines that marketing will depend heavily on mobile interaction. If that’s not your organization’s reality yet, it will be soon.

In the digital agency world we have learned that technology’s advancement not only changes how you approach your audience, but how your audience can engage with you. Our digital marketing executive search firm requires candidates to fully address the current challenges of the marketing world, especially mobile. Mobile marketing is imperative to any company’s future as all your content is now on the go. Everything from video to ads are viewed mostly through mobile optimization will be more useful to your marketing strategy.

Marketing leaders its imperative to consider mobile marketing as it can make a world of difference in settling budget challenges and get better use out of your team’s time. Mobile’s popularity is increasing the amounts of data you intake significantly, which may pose another set of challenges if your team can’t process the data correctly.

App advertising is more aggressive than ever, specifically for new applications, meaning a fruitful cross-promotional technique is more important than before. It’s been discovered for increasing customer lifetime value that your owned stations are your best application consumer stations.

Providing Variety Provides Answers: A Digital Marketing Executive Search Firm Approach

By incorporating multivariate tests via mobile marketing whether promotional or transactional will teach you how to boost cross-channel engagement with your desired audience. The approach is all about looking at the impact of multiple campaigns on different user segments to understand how to identify segments by their channel and its frequency.

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Test pushing content of interest. Not a promotion. This will help formulate an understanding of the app user’s wants and needs.

You have to look for ways to engage for loyalty and increase that value of your services. Examples could include order shipment status updates, appointment reminders, taxi arrivals or flight updates. You can also try running a flash sale that offers a unique, mobile-only incentive to current app users. This has shown to be effective and increases loyalty amongst customers even within our digital agency.

Main Targets To Hit For Successful Mobile Marketing

Test whether retargeting a customer on the same channel as their most recent interaction, or a different channel, is more effective for a given segment. As a digital marketing executive search firm we have to do it constantly to stay up to date. Test calls to action across mobile channels (email, app, SMS, mobile ads across formats) against hyper-granular segments.

  • Cycle tests in 45-60 day iterations.
  • Celebrate your active users with birthday, anniversary and holiday-themed messages.
  • Target offers for positive shopping behaviors. For instance, drive conversions by offering users free shipping when their cart reaches a certain value — this tends to work well when paired with a cart abandon email follow-up reminding them of their free shipping offer.