There Just May Be a Better Approach to Customer Feedback Analysis Tools After All!

Customer feedback analysis tools are great way for companies to keep up with their customers, but only if you’re truly getting insight. Most forms of analytics give you numbers with no commentary leaving you to assume. A better approach to the customer experience is actual contact, commentary. Our chief marketing technologist executive search firm believes in customer satisfaction. The marketing technologist recruiters on our team know that taking care of your customers is an invaluable skill for a great marketer in any field.

So, What Is NLP Exactly? Something Marketing Technologist Recruiters Should Know

Excel, Tableu and most other tools cannot turn text into a useful chart, and reading comments by hand is tedious and prone to bias. Clued-up customer experience professionals, like marketing technologist recruiters, turn to NLP, or Natural Language Processing. It’s an area of your mind that functions as artificial intelligence (AI) and marketers can use it too. It can transform text into useable data. Did I mention it’s automatic?

Your Customers Feedback May Be the Reason Your Company Survives

The most common customer success metric is NPS, a single number produced on a number scale. If you want customer feedback that’s truly valuable, ask questions like “Why did you give us this score?” “What impressed you?” and “What can we do better?”

For one: Comments from unhappy customers contain clues as to who should be diffusing the situation, how they should do so, and quickly

Two: Customer comments can explain why your scores are doing “the wave”

Three: If the score stays the same, comments will add depth as to why that may the case

Overall, it’s about understanding the big picture of customer sentiment and thus should not be an afterthought. However, most companies who receive thousands of comments every month may find reading every comment tedious and inefficient. Fortunately, NLP algorithms can figure out what it is people may be describing even if its in different ways through language choice and quickly.

So What Now? Our Chief Marketing Technologist Executive Search Firm Narrows It Down With The 3 G’s

Get Specific

Without the right context there is no true data to reflect on. Make sure your data is accurate so you can orchestrate a plan of action. Look for anything new that you don’t already have on your list to fix. And if you already have the problem areas highlighted this should clarify how to approach such nuances. This principle is applicable across the board as we approach our chief technologist marketing executive searches the same way for our clients to receive the best service.

Get Real

Transparency and internal company knowledge is essential to the decision process when it comes to tracking your progress and customer reactions.

Get Ready to Move

Insightful data is about finding out that this is a problem you never knew about before. Actionable data allows your business to make changes in response to customer feedback. They’re interchangeable depending on your approach, but the end goal is to improve.