Marketers Your Friends in Sales Can Boost Your Content Marketing Campaigns

Silos in the workplace has really caused rifts in the development of strong marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, this affects the whole company from marketing to sales and vice versa. We encourage our clients as a b2b marketing executive search firm that your leaders have to encourage cross- communication in the workplace. We also participate in b2b marketing staff related searches where the key is to create teams that culturally fit with your company to reach new heights.

Well, What Do We Already Know?

As marketers we like clarity. Your B2B content shows that you have an intricate knowledge of where visitors on your site are interacting with your content. And now you’re measuring all of this with data, allowing for iterations and improvements based on numbers, not hunches. However, there are still flaws in the flow from beginning to end.

For one, marketers not focused on sales content are limiting their own influence within their organization.

And two, by not equipping sales teams with the best content and information needed to close deals, sales cycles are not as quick as they could be.

B2B content marketers should better align their marketing and sales content initiatives to become more efficient!

A. Style and Consistency is a Well-practiced B2B Marketing Executive Search Tool Your Team Should Use Too

One of the major content issues affecting B2B sales teams is that there’s simply too much of it. it has been found that poor content costs enterprise organizations millions of dollars a year.

The first step in any effective sales process is to audit all of the content circling around your sales team. Each piece of content should be unique all the way down to quality, value, applicability, and effectiveness. This eliminates useless pieces and a complete waste of time.

1. Content isn’t one size fit all, make it unique to each department B2B Marketing Staff

It has been found that sales have been searching for and creating content on their own. Which means, they’re performing tasks that are not part of their core responsibilities, using tools and platforms they’re probably not trained in. That’s also time that they’re not spending developing relationships with leads or closing sales. That’s a no no for any business.

As a content marketer, it is your job to ensure that there is a process in place where they can easily access all the content they need in their respective environments. Having content available is a top priority for any sales-focused company and our B2B marketing staff agency agrees.

B. Learning About Your Customers is How Great Content is Created

Content is king, and it should be used in every stage of the customer journey, from first touch to close just as we have to in a B2B marketing executive search. However, that content becomes much less effective if there is no aligned, concerted effort to map exactly which pieces of content a lead consumes and when.

1. Watch Your Numbers, Data Drives Marketing

Content used to close sales deserves to be backed by data and metrics. of the content. This will allow you to see what is working. It will also point to specific numbers when it comes to showing how your team’s content directly leads to sales in your next meeting with the CMO.

Example of measurements you should be analyzing include how often and when your sales reps are using pieces of content. Learn more about which pieces are actually being consumed by the buyer and which are being disregarded by both parties.

Content is a huge topic among B2B marketers right now. Personalizing it can be applied across the customer journey. The organizations that find ways to apply it to sales content in an efficient and an effective manner will be ahead of the competition when it comes to closing deals.

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