B2B Content Marketing and the Crucial Role It Plays

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Marketing automation and account based marketing are convenient, but if a B2B company doesn’t have a content marketing strategy in place to support them, those measures are destined for failure. Without skilled content marketing staffing talent to create and implement an effective strategy, many B2B companies may fall behind depending on marketing automation.

CEO of Marketing Insider Group, Michael Brenner stated “The first things many companies realize as soon as they implement ABM or marketing automation is that they have a content gap, and you need to feed that.”

Video courtesy of Vignesh Subramanyan

Brenner also explained that many companies today still depend on agencies to create content, and that in some sectors—such as financial services or healthcare—it is problematic to rely on employees to create content.

“In B2B a lot of large companies trying to bring the content creation process in house, but they’re not sure if they can do content marketing effectively,” he says. “Promotion is the natural instinct of most companies—we all love our products and that cultural mindset is ingrained in B2B companies, especially those with a sales driven culture.” Companies in specific sectors may benefit the most from consulting a content marketing recruiter, that will find specialists to create and push content for them, rather than depending on an agency or expecting employees to do something that is actually far out of their range of duties.

Brenner went on to say that the greatest challenge lies not with people and technology, but managing the internal structure to do the right thing. “When you ask CMOs about their biggest challenges, they’ll say showing ROI but they often really feel its having a relationship with the CEO.”

CMOs need to have the confidence to implement programs that are measurable and can deliver value, he notes. Things like logos on buildings look great but don’t deliver quantifiable results. “Do things that deliver value.”