Email’s Introduction to the Marketing Mix

Email marketing isn’t new, but this approach of using email as a stepping stone to your other marketing concepts may be foreign to a lot of marketers. Our job as email marketing consultants is to inform our clients of the many ways email is and has remained effective in marketing strategies. The first skill our highly skilled email marketing recruiters vet for is the marketing mix in candidate criteria to maximize your company’s efforts.

Email Marketing Is Versatile

SEM Rewards

Paid search is vital for many companies as it is the most cost-effective. Triggered emails can help convert traffic from paid search. Without these triggered emails your invest may be null and void can include:

  • Abandoned site-search and browse emails;
  • Abandoned cart emails.

Different Digital Elements Are Influenced By Email Too

Now that it’s possible for advertisers to upload their email list and target existing customers and prospects via display campaigns, a lot more can be explored in email marketing. Companies may then evaluate every group’s efficiency and the best email marketing recruiters. It is obvious in the ones that get only display versus the ones that receive email and show.

By posting a contact list after which targeting these people for display advertising purchases, companies may eliminate waste and increase clicks, identification, and conversions from related email promotions. With these details, marketers can allocate advertising dollars. Show strategies and matching mail may materially boost the efficiency of every versus working each channel.

Check out this short clip from a seminar on Email Marketing tips from DigitalMarketer!

Communication Can Be Broaden Across Channels Like Social

Social media activity has become intertwined with customer experience, where customers view all of this on their smartphones. When using social media for advertising, adding email to the same audience can help increase recollection and give the individual another method of responding.

This is a good way to reach your customers that may not open your emails. In the next section direct mail proves to be an effective strategy that times an email deployment around a social media campaign. Recipients will be more apt to click and respond to Facebook ads and will otherwise increase the effectiveness of both channels.

Save the Best for Last: Direct Mail

Email can have a huge impact on improving the performance of a mail piece, which can be very expensive. As email marketing consultants we would agree that it’s better to spend money on prospects that have indicated some amount of interest in your brand or company. Use the direct m mail strategy to rally in the interested viewers who didn’t commit to a search.

Some additional advice:

Send email notifications to direct mail recipients a few days before and after the piece is delivered.

Leads can come from familiarity, so send it out anyway.

Follow-up emails can help drive conversions on the website if the recipient did not respond to the direct mail.