Steer Your Email Marketing Staffing to Fill Brand Expectations

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Some fascinating research that any leaders brought in through digital marketing executive search should take note of. Email marketing staffing is as important as ever, though it’s not as hot and trendy as some other digital channels. However, consumer expectations have shifted and you strategy should adjust alongside them.

Email Marketing Staffing: Pay Attention to These Brand Expectations

Most consumers sign up for marketing emails from brands to receive discounts and promotions, according to recent research from Adestra.

The report was based on data from a survey of 1,251 consumers age 14-67 who live in the United States.

Some 85% of respondents say receiving discounts is one of the most important reasons they sign up for emails from brands.

Less than half—41%—say product/service updates is a key reason for signing up, 38% say they subscribe if they love a brand, and 27% want to be part of product research.

How a Digital Marketing Executive Search Can Help

When unsure about your email strategy, it’s important to ensure you have the right leadership in place who understand your customers. The top types of discounts that consumers want to receive in marketing emails are percentage-off offers (35% say they prefer those most), free shipping (20%), free trials (14%), and dollar-off promotions (14%).

Some 60% of respondents say they receive too many promotional emails from email marketers.

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