Content for Social Engagement Struck By Emotion Goes Viral!

Attract high volumes of social engagement through content marketing! Our content marketing recruiters share some ideas on how to grip your audience’s attention. As a consumer marketing executive search firm we take pride in helping other marketers succeed with great ideas. We enjoy reviewing articles from Marketing Land’s Kerry Jones for reminding us it’s important to consistently introduce the human element in our content.

Content is very valuable, but only if your audience is engaged!

Video from emotional marketing expert Graeme Newell

Arouse the Senses of Your Audience with the Help of Content Marketing Recruiters

Our unique position as marketers and content marketing recruiters allows us to be up to date with the latest trends in marketing. We agree that these three factors can very well measure people’s response to various stimuli. These elements are listed as dominance, excitement and valence:

-Valence will be pessimism or the positivity of an emotion.
-Excitement describes the amount of pleasure different emotions generate. Rage and pleasure are usually high-arousal, while representation and disappointment have low arousal levels.
-Dominance pertains to experience out or in of control. While frustration is recognized as high dominance concern has reduced dominance.
They discovered that the posts with large amounts of social sharing frequently elicited emotions to be high prominence, or in control.

While having a large amount of responses, researchers discovered large-excitement emotions, for example frustration, combined with low-dominance (or “out of control”) emotions, for example concern, went dialogue across the articles.

While large prominence is just a key driver for social sharing behavior, high-arousal is a must for spurring dialogue.

Combining Effort with Emotion Brings Your Content to Life

Just how can marketers use this information to reach their audiences?

First, You can observe that good feelings were extremely popular. The most effective three feelings elicited are shock, joy and appreciation.

Secondly, coming up with a few combinations of prominence and excitement occurring most often within the emotional reactions:

The psychological reactions were both all good or perhaps a mixture of positive feelings and shock while both excitement and prominence were large. This shows us that jovial content doesn’t have to be complicated to do well.
While excitement was large but prominence was reduced, the psychological reactions were more complicated. Quite simply, content which makes people experience deficiencies in control must consider them on an emotional roller coaster for this to be participating.
While both prominence and excitement were reduced, the content usually involved some surprise.

Heads up Marketers! Our Consumer Marketing Executive Search Firm Tells All

As a top consumer marketing executive search firm we know that content creators looking to increase social engagement should incorporate specific emotional combinations into their content. This stimulates the right levels of arousal and dominance to spur action.

Comments and Aroused Emotions Go Hand in Hand

Even if your content isn’t surprising, it can still drive a ton of engagement if it hits the right emotional hot buttons. High-arousal emotions elicit commenting behavior, so if you want people talking about your content, incorporate arousing emotions like anger and excitement.

Content that doesn’t ignite high arousal tends to do well when it includes an unexpected twist or an element of admiration. Even sad content can perform well socially; the key is to include some form of a silver lining to avoid making your content downright depressing.

You’ll be Surprised to Know Your Audience Wants to be Happy

Content that pairs happiness and surprise makes people feel good, while showing them something they didn’t expect or have never seen before. This uplifting emotional experience is what makes people share positive content. Continue to drive content that makes your audience enjoy the personal touches of your company by being a human voice and not a cold robot.