Building a Healthy Relationship Between CMOs and CIOs Will Save Your Business

In order to be a successful CMO you’ll have to drive your business forward with results backed by data in an efficient way.  As a CMO executive search firm we know the value of your leadership as well as your example of working with other departments in the company is crucial to growth. Our CMO executive recruiters find these skills a promising attribute for a leader’s stick rate. In essence, the true key to success for any business is its leaders ability to empower relationships between themselves, their team, and others.

CMO Executive Search Firm Responds to Probable Solutions to the CMO-CIO Relationship

Solidify CMO-CIO Relationship Goals

Only half of CMOs and CIOs collaborate on joint projects. So the first step is to organize it. As a CMO Executive search firm we look for these skills in a leader to be able to carve new relationships for growth for our clients,

Marketers should meet with IT teams and outline goals that benefit both departments.

Once marketing and IT goals align and teams begin working together, it’s time to measure progress; create a system that will allow that to happen. Any time one of your teams begins a new project, outline benchmarks that help prove value every step of the way to prove value.

Team: Data, Data, Data! It Has Always Mattered

It’s understood that in today’s market many companies have to be data-driven. Retailers use marketing optimization to identify ideal customers, while others use a slew of tools to find out about their own audience.

Marketers, too, need high-quality data to execute successful campaigns. By educating your colleagues about the critical business roles filled by data insights, you’ll encourage them to actively help build an environment powered by analytics.

Check out this video from SAP Hybris!

Level Up With Some IT and Marketing Terms

Hello? Are we on different planets. Not so much. Marketers love marketing ROI and results; IT expertise shines during intricate processes and through granular details.

However, in order to ensure both groups collaborate productively, both will need to adapt their communication styles.

When CMOs spend time with IT staff, they learn more about technical challenges, requirements, and motivation. That knowledge can be critical when it comes time to present a new initiative in a way C-suite’s—buy-in and increase ROI.

Think of the C-Suite As Your Cabinet, Keep Them Informed

If a CMO-CIO brainstorm leads to a major marketing win, broadcast the news. Recognize specific employees who play integral roles in joint projects, foster a spirit of collaboration and strengthen a bond that will continue to prove value as it grows.

CMO executive recruiters will agree that you should make sure your entire C-suite knows that company wide success hinges on employee collaboration to elevate success.

Share a particular challenge that your marketing and IT teams used data insights to overcome

You will highlight the value of your teams, and both the CMO and CIO will be seen as organizational leaders who recognize how to transform data into improvements in the company’s bottom line.

Data isn’t an obstacle for marketers; it’s an enabler.  due to their ability to process and apply Big Data insights. As a result CMOs and CIOs—and their respective teams—need to work together toward mutual goals.

CMO Executive Recruiters Insider: Communication Leads to Innovation

CIOs and CMOs should never become strangers to one another, even after a joint project between the teams wraps up. On a daily basis, marketers need to extract insights from the deluge of data every company wades through. IT staff can help, but they’re most successful when they have a clear channel of communication through which they can provide support. Be creative with a weekly pow wow to circulate new ideas.