How Google’s new Accelerated Mobile Pages Should Impact Your SEO Recruitment

Just as things were starting to settle back down, the SEO world is once again abuzz with talk of Accelerated Mobile Pages, a new recommended standard for web content optimized for mobile device viewing. This is big news to SEO recruitment firms and mobile marketing recruiters alike, who need to start taking AMP mastery into account when making the relevant hires. Check out these thoughts on the emerging AMP standard and what it could mean for structuring your digital marketing team.

Experts believe AMPs can offer ‘net good’ chance for marketers and publishers alike. Within the short weeks because Google debuted its Accelerated Mobile Pages project, SEO professionals and writers alike have previously served it acquire a great quantity of traction.

Google’s open source response to competition from Facebook and Apple, its AMP project began helping mobile customers with content in February. Based on Google, AMPs load than normal mobile pages. The project has got the benefit of providing complete control over content is offered through the engineering to writers, as well as enables writers to completely own marketing on the AMP content.

It is currently a favorite software although AMP is just a fairly new choice for writers seeking to achieve a mobile market. While AMP released, it measured Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, the New York Times and BuzzFeed one of the sites with AMP pages.

Out of the AMP Loop? Watch This Video Recommended by Mobile Marketing Recruiters

video from Google Chrome Developers

Around 75% of SEO professionals know about AMP and 50% of those surveyed said they assume site rankings will be dramatically impacted by AMP; good news for your SEO recruitment efforts. Nevertheless, just 23% reported implementing AMP; something mobile marketing recruiters should raise their eyes at. Although data about the subject continues to be restricted, what stands out is the fact that provided AMP is fairly small shelf life, the amount of SEO professionals who’re conscious of the project sticks out.

Looking forward, as SEO marketers and more writers put it to utilize, authorities think it’ll be clear the device could be a net beneficial for the majority people involved.

The Applications of AMP in Terms of SEO Recruitment

What the AMP project does is introduce a new set of HTML standards with an aim of making the mobile web faster, through, for example, less styling and less JavaScript.

Right now Google only caches article-type pages in mobile search results, the Top Stories carousel, and only generates search results in the carousel if there are enough relevant URLs to the search. AMP has been adopted by large publishers, but because the project has easy to use plug-ins, Prin expects WordPress and Drupal blogs will continue to increase AMP adoption. What’s more, even though AMP pages are stripped down for speed, they can still embed a video, a tweet, display ads and track visits.