How the Skills of Marketing Automation Consultants Can Enhance Your Mobile Apps

We’ve seen time and again the power of marketing automation consultants to help growth-hack a business and lay a strong foundation for long-term success. But as mobile marketing recruiters we’re also encountering a relatively new development of firms adopting this unique kind of talent for sophisticated mobile applications as well. Here are some of the ways experienced marketing automation staffing can have a meaningful effect on your mobile marketing efforts.

Not Your Traditional Marketing Automation

Actually, mobile marketing automation is better called “mobile engagement” since its core focus is driving user engagement on the app and complementing the existing feature-set of the app.

In some ways, it differs enough to alter and change the course of “classical” marketing automation when it comes to mobile. These differences are important for two reasons:

  1. They may mean that the evolution of mobile marketing automation will give rise to a new breed of systems for marketing
  2. These differences can help marketers better define what they want out of mobile marketing automation and what potential it holds for them and for their apps.

So, without further ado, here are some core differences between marketing automation for apps and for websites.

The Difference Between Experiences for Consumers and Businesses

Basic marketing automation programs are about tracking and optimizing individual behavior in transmission programs and on a site.

For programs, the reason differs. B2C apps dominate the focus on understanding application user behavior and investing in automating application proposal. Therefore, the utilization of in the place of traditional marketing automation methods, a mobile engagement program, becomes a primary exercise for client-facing app marketers.

Getting in the Moment with Marketing Automation Consultants

On the site, a lot of the marketing automation is targeted on starting a movement of communications.

In a app, the time that is mobile is woefully short, so marketing proposal respond to the users’ real time discussion with the app and must be quick.

Exactly the same modification and messaging must happen with mobile diamond just like web marketing automation, nevertheless it needs to occur quicker and more greatly.

It influences the user in the app’s primary experience are far more well associated with the merchandise, tying the message about the app, itself along with the app , together.

Getting with the Right Crowd Through Mobile Marketing Recruiters

“Classic” marketing automation is a liaison between marketing and sales teams. It aligns marketing campaigns with sales activities, and it helps analyze the connection between marketing spend and sales success.

Mobile marketing automation is similar, but as mentioned in the previous point, it is more closely tied to the mobile app itself — the “product.”

This means that marketers need to get closer to the product management role and truly form an opinion about the user experience with the product and the resulting engagement.

This widens the intellectual discipline required of them, and the focus on delighting users. It certainly makes their roles more difficult, but also much more exciting.