Adapting to Digital in Finance with Digital Marketing Recruiters

The rise of new and innovative fintech is making waves in the financial industry, making a successful finance marketing executive search more important than ever. Having the right leadership in place to manage your digital adoption and transition strategy is crucial. If you’re a finance business leader, make sure you’re partnering with the right digital marketing recruiters to find the guidance your business needs. Check out the full report on digital marketing in the finance sector to learn more!

Playing Digital Catchup with a Finance Marketing Executive Search

Throughout the report, the wider industry is compared with a subset of companies that are at the forefront of the industry.

As the companies creating the change to which others are responding, this group is referred to as “leaders.”

A useful lens for comparison and inspiration, leaders display important differences from the rest of the sample, dubbed the “mainstream.”

Here is what financial companies will be focusing on in 2016 and beyond.

Engaging the Millennial Generation with Help from Digital Marketing Recruiters

57% of ‘mainstream’ respondents revealed that the biggest issue for their organization is an inability to appeal to new customers.

This obstacle is very obvious for younger ages, eventually because of shortage of innovation in customer acquisition activities.

The primary instinct for individuals under the age of 40 is to look online, when approaching a financial support of all kinds.

For your traditional economic corporations their parents may normally use, this behavior isn’t the majority, but finding ways to fulfill with this digital hope is likely to become a large problem from now on.

A shift to digital could also help to retain the brand loyalty of new customers.

Consider the primary concerns of finance business leaders:

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Competing with Disruptors

Forget traditional rivals – there is now pressure for financial organizations to keep up with an entirely new set of competition.

40% of leaders in the industry see start-ups who are already meeting the demand for new consumer habits (by utilizing technology) as the biggest threat.

With the amount of fintech companies in the market rapidly increasing, well-established companies are being forced to drive change or face the risk of falling behind.

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