What makes an exceptional digital marketer? That’s a tricky question, and one whose answers will vary depending on the mission they’re expected to accomplish. But as a digital marketing recruitment agency, it’s something we face on a daily basis. Luckily, we have years as digital marketers ourselves under our belt, and are no strangers to engaging with high-performing individuals in the digital staffing field today. We loved this article featuring some great characteristics of outstanding digital talent; click the link below to see the full list!

1. The Most Important Thing Digital Marketing Recruitment Agencies Seek

Powerful marketers understand that in the end, the success of the marketer and the business as a whole rests with conversions and driving positive business outcomes. These professionals always approach marketing tasks with a strategy and build their systems around business goals and concrete data.

2. Motivated First by Data

Within four years, we’re anticipated to near 44 zettabytes of data. The large level of data which will be open to marketers can be incredible, and organized marketers may understand how to use it.

With this incredible growth of the digital environment, brands can’t depend on gut feelings or guesses when it comes to creating an effective marketing strategy. Data is the source of digital marketing fact, and this is essential to understanding audience and customer experience — in the subjects covered in articles to the distribution technique useful for a specific sort of content.

Talented agile marketers can feel comfortable interpreting and testing data models, so they can change their strategies accordingly.

Those that aren’t already knowledgeable about data and analytics should begin with Google Analytics. This platform may be the centerpiece of all manufacturer data collection strategies. Google offers the Google Analytics School, where you commence to break into the exciting world of campaign measurement and are able to take free classes.

3. Tech-Savvy Enough for Digital Staffing

The importance of technology in modern marketing is clear everywhere. Technology drives everything from content management to email automation.

Marketers should be proficient with the digital technology stack that their organization uses. Often this stack will include platforms such as a content management system, customer relationship management software, optimization or SEO platforms, marketing automation and analytics.