A 15-Point Self-Survey to Determine Whether to Let Others Published On Your Blog


Blogging on your own site and on the web properties of others has been a staple tactic to compliment content marketing staffing and SEO staffing alike for some time now. It’s easy to determine that guest blog posting is probably a digital marketing tactic worth considering for yourself–but how should your brand respond when approached with offers from others to post their blog content on your site?

Determining What’s Right to Assist Your SEO Staffing

Under proper digital marketing executive leadership, it’s possible to accept guest blog posts from others for mutual benefit. Check out this excellent list from Copyblogger to help determine whether you should accept an offer to guest blog (and check out the original article for more)!

Before Publishing Guest Blog Posts, Coordinate With Your Content Marketing Staffing and Ask These Questions

  1. Will content from other writers help my audience learn more about the topic I teach?
  2. How can I produce more value for my audience?
  3. What topics would I want guest writers to cover?
  4. Could new content from other writers expose my website to a wider audience?
  5. Would I be able to offer writers more exposure?
  6. Am I able to offer any monetary settlement for posts I release to guest writers?
  7. Am I looking for just other views or recognized content specialists?
  8. Will I release writers’ drafts, or will I edit client site posts?
  9. Should writers format their posts till they submit them to match the style of my publication?
  10. Will you be seeing hyperlinks in client site posts and writer bios have what rules?
  11. Should I set a word count limit?
  12. Am I looking for text blog posts only or other types of media, such as infographics, SlideShares, or audio content?
  13. Will I allow writers to submit images to accompany their articles?
  14. What process will I establish for collecting and reviewing guest blog post submissions?
  15. Are there certain types of content I won’t publish, and why?