The Value of Guest Blogging as a Tool in the Content Marketing Staffing Toolkit

Content marketing staffing must be flexible and use as many tools as possible to get their content in front of the right eyes and drive traffic and brand awareness. Guest blogging is one of those key tactics that can be executed with clever use of digital creative staffing, and it even has the bonus benefit of driving SEO value. Check out these steps to implementing a guest blogging strategy.

1. Use Content Marketing Staffing to Find Posting Opportunities

You might have several shops in your mind. If you don’t – and several new writers won’t – the primary place to show is Google. Look for conditions like the subjects you wish to come up with. Add “guest blog” for your keyword to determine if that helps. Discover what your friends are discussing on LinkedIn and Facebook, too. Your goal is to obtain the shops your audience read. You’ll have to vet these shops to verify trustworthy they’re related, and effective on social media.

2. Brainstorm Topics

Begin by studying the shops in your list. Familiarize yourself about the issues included within the last six months. Also search for indications or designs that will help you form message and your subject to suit their choices. your likelihood of success can significantly raise.

3. Sell Your Content to Publishers

Now it is time to search in and create your pitches. Keep it short. Don’t force the recipient of one’s website suggestion wade through greater than a few phrases to make it to the ask. Therefore hit the best balance and ensure that your format isn’t too common or too complicated.

4. Reengage

Lightly follow-up in 2-3 days if you don’t obtain a reaction. Sometimes publishers are overwhelmed with mail and things wander off within the mix (we’ve all been there). Try again having a different matter if you obtain a reaction. Ignore it for today if that fails. Maintain the book in your listing and allow sometime cross – you can return having a new message.

Step 5. Use Digital Creative Staffing to Make an Excellent Post

Did you catch a guest article? Excellent. If you pitched format and a concept, the next step – before any publishing – would be to nail down the essential facts using the editor. What’s your contract? What wordcount in the event you target? Odds are they’ll have certain recommendations on both.