Why Your CMO Executive Search Firm MUST Find You A Leader That’s Tech-Adept

Love these thoughts on the necessity of marketing executives to adopt a digitally minded, technologically inclined skillset and strategy to succeed. As a CMO executive search firm, we’ve seen time and again that the ability to adapt to new tech and make the appropriate connections internally make the difference between success and failure. Learn more about how marketing can join with tech (perhaps with a little help from marketing technologist recruiters) to deliver long-term business growth.

A new wave of CMOs is changing the digital ecosystem by embracing innovative digital approaches parallel to implementing technologies which are made interact, to entertain and keep both employees and customers.

The current CMO must now accept a protracted skillset that usually creeps to the realm of IT, discovering new systems from a marketing perspective. The issues on advertising and IT agendas are, therefore, joined-up and concerned with consolidation and technology strategy. Marketing and digital strategies are closely aligned. Understanding how the organisation and learn and its employees should adjust new abilities is crucial to successful technology implementation.

Marketing and Tech: The Formula for ROI Lies with Marketing Technologist Recruiters

The modern CMO and his/her team are working with IT to leverage and realize the true value of technology to improve their ROI. Previously, these two distinct disciplines and mindsets consisted of independent, siloed teams that lacked the ability to identify and capture revenue opportunities from a business-aligned perspective. The amount of data accrued by marketing programs requires a comprehensive analytics platform to make sense of the data and turn it into useful insight. The relationship between marketing and IT seems to be an obvious and natural partnership. However, this newly found marriage is a must in order to utilize technology solutions for improved marketing agendas.

Finding the Right Leadership from a CMO Executive Search Firm

It is not a surprise that CMOs are seeing larger budget allocations compared to their IT counterparts and now spending more on IT than CIOs, according to a number of research studies. A shared ownership between marketing and IT teams is also often established to reach mutual goals and outcomes. If your current head of marketing can’t act in sync with IT leaders and other key tech players, it might be time for a changing of the guard. The modern CMO may have become the driver for IT purchasing, however, the combined effort across teams has resulted in a unified approach towards common business goals, solving challenges collaboratively to see greater return on investments.