How a Better Big Data Executive Search Could Improve Your Business’s Approach to Data

After watching how various businesses deal with big data, the importance of a high quality big data executive search has never been more apparent to us. Too many organizations simply view “Big Data” as the next business buzzword to adapt. In reality, if you hope to grow and prosper off the back of data and analytics you need outstanding leadership and vision. We’re not the only ones who think so: read on for more insights on the importance of great big data staffing and recruitment.

Talking Big Data Executive Search at Marketing Unbound

Data has become a crucial aspect of marketing.

At The Economist’s Marketing Unbound conference last week, executives addressed how important it is to keep data top of mind, but also reminded the audience that while data can inform ideas, it cannot create them.

Kimberly-Clark’s Mayur Gupta on tech, marketing and collaboration

video from the Economist

As marketing becomes more collaborative — smashing silos between different departments and working closely with teams from IT and sales — big data-oriented marketing executives warned that every decision needs to consider the consumer first

Making a Difference With Big Data Staffing

The importance of the customer experience came up several times during the conference, taking center stage in the marketing world amid the surge in ad blocking and the evolution of the consumer shopping journey. As these two trends take hold, and as data becomes more embedded in marketing, building relationships with consumers is crucial for brands to stay relevant.

One way for this to happen is for marketing to become more collaborative.

Marketers have finally earned their seat in the C-Suite, so the next step toward innovation is through breaking down barriers between teams. A combination of using data and collaboration is key to success in marketing.