As both an email marketing staffing firm and a social media contract staffing agency, we found this news to be particularly interesting. Email and social have obvious complimentary capabilities, but so far few marketers have been able to make them work efficiently in concert. With digital marketing budgets rising quickly, it’s quite encouraging to see more innovative marketing professionals trying to figure out ways to integrate the two tactics.

Advertising costs among advanced digital marketers will increase this season among 56% of the 300 marketers interviewed by Selligent/StrongView. More than a third (35%) may sustain spending ranges from 2015 and only 9% intend to decrease investment.

What It Means from the Perspective of a Social Media Contract Staffing Agency

E-mail marketing staffing may be the marketing class that investment wills increase because they turn to improve customer wedding and enhance targeting segmentation and data analysis to better understand consumer behavior and context.

“This data is not surprising as email is still, by far, key in any marketing strategy,” says Sean Brady, president of the Americas at Emarsys, commenting on the findings of the marketing trends report. “Within email, there is a lot of space for content in which you have more creative freedom versus other mediums like social media, SMS and sometimes Web sites.”

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Moreover, email is the very best route for customer proposal, and has got the greatest ROI per dollar spent.

The study also revealed a noticeable escalation in the amount of marketers seeking to combine email with social media to improve involvement opportunities.