4 Key Traits to Look for When Recruiting Content Marketers


A content marketer is a master of many disciplines. But what exactly does that mean? What sort of disciplines and skills are we talking about? And what types of knowledge and experience are necessary to be a content marketer?

If a content marketer is responsible for marketing content, then consider the classic responsibilities of marketing, which involves the four P’s:

  • Identify, select, and develop a product
  • Set the price
  • Select the distribution channel to reach the customer where she is (place)
  • Plan and execute a promotion strategy

Here are four of the most critical characteristics to look for when recruiting content marketers.

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1. Outstanding Storytelling Ability

First and foremost, a content marketer has a nose for a good story. She knows that a great marketing story involves a hero, mentor, goal, obstacle, and moral. And she can uncover her own business’s story — and even help other organizations do the same.

In other words, stories help an audience get to know you, like you, and, ultimately, trust you — before you sell them anything.

2. Ability to Develop and Lead Strategy

A great content marketer is also deliberate: she understands and communicates the overarching objective of an organization’s content marketing strategy.

In addition, a professional content marketer will set editorial goals.

While it won’t be her chief skill set, an adept content marketer can also manage a content project through planning to execution to promotion.

People skills, like empathy, listening, storytelling, and negotiating, help her navigate those tasks.

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3. Mastery over Social Media

Content marketers understand social media.

Some content marketers might even make this their speciality, meeting the rising demand in the number and variety of different platforms. But most content marketers master one or two platforms and have a basic understanding of others, then rely on social media staffing to help with channels they’re less familiar with.

See, a content marketer likes to tinker with the new shiny social media objects that come out. This allows her to evaluate a new platform’s potential and then translate this potential to the proper client. Know where your audience hangs out. And get their permission to interact.

4. Exceptional Copywriting and Editing Skills

Often, content marketers will not only direct strategy and storytelling, but they’ll also be responsible for writing content for blogs/websites, ebooks, and infographics.

It pays to be a remarkable web writer.

A content marketer will master writing magnetic headlines, selecting old articles to update and republish, and reimagining old content in new formats (like flipping an infographic or blog post into a SlideShare).