4 Trends in Mobile Marketing Recruitment and Execution

Another terrific read based on research and predictions by Forrester! The era of mobile is well and truly here, and mobile marketing recruitment is in full swing (often led with a mobile marketing executive search). Digital marketers of all kinds should be keeping mobile top-of-mind for all their activities this year, and take Forrester’s recommendations into account.

In November, Forrester released its mobile predictions for 2016, highlighting how mobile will act as a catalyst for business transformation and explaining why the battle for mobile moments will redefine the vendor landscape.

Digital marketing staffing experts would do well to check out that report and see what it has to say. Here’s a synopsis:

A year ago, Forrester argued that most brands would underinvest in mobile in 2015. This is likely to remain the case this year, since too many marketers still have a narrow view of mobile as a “sub-digital” medium and channel. This is good news for the 20% of marketers who told us they have the budget they need and for the 33% who said they know how to measure mobile ROI. In 2016, this growing minority of leading marketers will start to fully integrate mobile into their marketing strategies. These mature mobile marketers will measure the impact of mobile across channels, see a clear opportunity to differentiate their brands, and increase their investments in mobile initiatives. Here’s what else we expect to happen:

1. Brands That Make Mobile Work Will Stand Out

2. Mobile Marketing Recruitment Will Become Extremely Competitive

3. Distinguishing Mobile Web and Apps Will Become Harder

4. AI, VR, and the Internet of Things Will Enable Innovative Brands