What Your Brand Marketing Professionals Can Learn From Direct Response

Saw this really insightful post from the VP of Media of Heineken USA. All the marketing disciplines are fundamentally different, but one thing we’ve learned as direct response marketing recruiters is that they often have a lot to teach each other–especially brand marketing staffing. Here are some of the highlights:

What Brand Marketing Staffing Talent Should Learn from Direct Response

Direct marketing tactics allow you to map out what content and media channels translate to direct consumer engagement—and, eventually, to sales. So, if a direct marketer uses grocery sales data to ladder back to sales strategies, brand marketers should look for the right measurements to demonstrate media’s direct impact on the business.

3 Takeaways from Direct Response Marketing Recruiters on Integrating Better Practices

1. Make Data the Foundation of all Decisions

Good marketers have good gut instincts that help them make difficult choices about creative; excellent marketers are comfortable using data to see and increase creative brand programs.

2. Hunt Down Data If You Need to

Get comfortable analyzing data; it is now the standard. If you do not have use of data that is useful in untangling cause-effect relationships, find it out. Market research exists as well as the amounts boost and you have to build marketing campaigns are available; plus, your competitors may be using them.

3. Be Ready to Constantly Adjust and Optimize

Test new ideas and modify your old ones. Use data to try hypotheses and believe that the regulations of company, marketing—direct, or otherwise—will continue to change. You’ve to really have the courage to force into new places and spend money on new programs to find out real results, while the digital media landscape changes.

Keep Finding Ways to Teach and Learn

Marketing professionals are diverse in experience and, with all the development of new systems increasing, there’s always something to be learned. We have to not be afraid to improve the course of our strategies and reevaluate our goals, since the market progresses. Whether it’s company marketing, direct marketing, trade marketing, or influencer marketing, everybody can—and should—learn from each follow and other practices and strategies in one another. Because the digital landscape continues to blur the lines between creators and buyers, it’s our job to keep pace and change our ideas, applying best-in-type procedures from across marketing capabilities.