Study: Influencers' Value in Digital Marketing Staffing is Growing

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Big news for anyone involved with digital marketing staffing of any kind, especially content marketing staffing! Influencer marketing is getting incredibly huge and will only continue to grow in importance. When it comes to finding the right marketers to help a business grow, their familiarity with influencer marketing should be top of mind. Love this summary:

  • The latest report from eMarketer, “Influencer Marketing for US Brands,” found advertising and communications professionals worldwide are taking advantage of influencer marketing.
  • About two in three (67%) of respondents reported using influencers for content promotion and more than half (59%) reported using influencer marketing strategies for product launches and content creation.

More Insights for Digital Marketing Staffing:

Based on the report, the arrival of specialized influencer talent marketing talent, like the recently established Applause network for Periscope influencers, has made it simpler for marketers and ad agencies to tap into influencer talent.

The question [from clients] is not, ‘We want to do something with influencers; what do you think?’ It is, ‘What Is the influencer strategy for this plan?'”

In terms of compensating influencers, the study found nearly 68% of respondents pay per post, and nearly 12% offer free products.

Research from Augure from last year found 61% of U.S. marketers planned on increasing influencer marketing budgets in 2015, while only 20% of European marketers planned the same.

And though the emerging advertising class is growing in popularity, brand marketers that use the strategy are finding it is hard to measure metrics, particularly when working with influencers across programs that are social.

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